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Helping Senior Patients Deal With Emotions


Older adults tend to feel a significant amount of loss, whether it be with loved ones or friends, their sense of independence, or interest in hobbies. They feel like they have little to no control over their current situation, and processing their emotions becomes more difficult. Our senior assistance in Texas has listed tips on how to cope emotionally and in a healthy manner:

  • Validate How They Feel
    Our Respite Care program includes giving our patients words of validation and constantly reassuring them that it’s okay to heal at their own pace. It is important to lend an ear and empathize, and we show it through questioning. We ask patients if they want to talk about their emotions and that they try to identify what they are.
  • Know What Their Boundaries Are
    While our patients lean on us, especially for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living, we make sure that they still have the right to decide for themselves in certain aspects of their lives. We promote independent living, and as such, we ask what boundaries they wish to establish and keep track of if there are any changes to them. Some patients like to talk about what they’re going through; others don’t. That’s why we provide companionship. Our health care providers would simply sit with them when they feel sad or do activities to distract them.
  • Don’t Treat Them Any Less
    Whatever form of handicaps senior patients have, here at Loving Arms Senior Assistance, we provide quality care while also doing our best to ensure that our patients’ self-esteem does not diminish by making sure they play an active role in their own life.

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