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When Is the Right Time for a Live-in Care Provider?


Health conditions will bring changes to your life. Illnesses can weaken your body, making it hard for you to take care of yourself.

As we provide senior assistance in Texas, we understand that seniors have numerous choices on how they can receive care. In many cases, live-in care can be the most ideal arrangement for them. When should you consider this care arrangement for your loved ones?

  • Living Alone

It can be common for seniors to live alone. Many of them can be empty-nesters and have no housemates that can help them address their needs.

With live-in care, care providers can assist your loved ones anytime as they will be living in the same house. They can assist with daily activities like hygiene upkeep and meal preparation.

Furthermore, the house won’t feel so lonely now that there is a presence of a care companion. This companionship will help maintain better mental health. If your senior loved ones live alone, this arrangement can benefit them greatly.

  • Advanced Needs

Seniors who are experiencing complex conditions may need live-in care. These conditions need constant monitoring. This monitoring can help avoid complications associated with their health conditions.

Apart from that, they may have urgent needs. Live-in care providers can be available at any time of the day to meet these requests.

  • No Care Providers at Home

Some seniors may rely on their family members for support. This can be unsustainable since many family members are preoccupied with their respective lives. Live-in care can help bridge this gap.

If your loved ones need live-in care, call us here at Loving Arms Senior Assistance. Our non-medical home care agency in Houston, Texas, will help you live a better life at home. Call us today!

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